Celebrating 10 Years of Indy Night Nanny Service

As Indy Night Nanny celebrates 10 years of service this year, founder Zaneta Evans often finds herself reflecting back on what it has meant to spend the past 10 years caring for hundreds of families. Her immediate thought is, “What an honor it is to be part of a family’s story during such an exciting time in their life!” When she founded the company in 2012, she knew her calling was to help new parents adjust to having a newborn (or two or three) at home and instill healthy habits to get everyone on a path to restful nights. In previous nanny roles working exclusively for individual families before founding INN, she saw first-hand how impactful sleep could be on the wellbeing of the parents and kids, setting the whole family up for success in the long term. She saw marriages thrive and behavioral issues minimize.

Helping more families achieve that level of success was what inspired her to become a night nanny and ultimately build a team of loving, caring, professional night nannies capable of serving hundreds of families over the years. One of the most rewarding aspects of the job is staying in touch with those families as they grow and seeing the babies blossom into healthy kids and tweens.

In celebration of 10 years of Indy Night Nanny, we checked in with a few of the families we’ve had the joy of working with in the past to see how their experience with Indy Night Nanny impacted their family.

Caring for Multiples – The Uskert Family

Looking back to 10 years ago, mom of twins Amanda Uskert has zero regrets hiring a night nanny to help her adjust to caring for two newborns. “At one year old, our twins were still napping consistently each afternoon and sleeping through the night. I firmly believe they were amazing sleepers and have continued to be because of the guidance we were given from Zaneta when they were newborns,” she says. “I attribute my twins’ exceptional sleep habits to the knowledge provided to me.”

Amanda is forever grateful for the professional, experienced nighttime care that was provided, and we’re forever grateful to have served this precious family.


Two Sets of Twins – The Pantano Family

When Heather Pantano found out she was pregnant with twins for the second time, she knew she needed to call in reinforcements! “When we found out we were expecting a second set of twins, we sought out night nanny care immediately! Although we did sleep training ourselves with the other kids, tackling that chore again with the fourth and fifth kids was not a mountain we wanted to climb alone,” she says. “Indy Night Nanny helped us keep our sanity. They were professional, supportive and not intrusive. We used their services for the first year and they sleep-trained the twins who are still great sleepers at age four! We are grateful to Zaneta and her team who seamlessly transitioned our newborns into the family.”

We love being that extra support for parents caring for multiples, and it’s an extra exciting job when we can help a family of seven become great sleepers. Heather’s story demonstrates how when routines and healthy sleep habits are instilled and followed, even long after our nannies go home, the result is kiddos who know how to fall asleep and stay asleep.


Twins & Singletons – The Becker Boys

When Nicole Pence Becker and her husband Jason welcomed their twins Colin and Andrew in 2015, they knew they needed an extra set of hands and guidance to allow them to get the sleep they needed to take on the day with infant twins. At the time, Nicole was an Indianapolis TV anchor, waking up at 2:30AM in the morning to leave to anchor her TV show. Nicole credits Zaneta’s insights with helping her now kindergarteners be on predictable schedules and sleeping through the night.

When they welcomed their fourth son in 2021, they again hired Zaneta to care for Luke several nights a week. As a mom of four and a business owner, Nicole appreciated every minute of extra sleep she could get to be the energetic mom she wanted to be during the day. Zaneta reminded her of tried and true sleep training techniques and even helped her identify a problematic tongue tie.

Indy Night Nanny is so grateful to all the families who have trusted us to care for them, and we look forward to another 10 years of loving service.

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