Indy Night Nanny exists to help babies AND parents get the rest they need to be at their best. For many parents, especially new moms recovering from birth and maybe learning to breastfeed, settling in for quality sleep can be challenging with an infant at home. Your mind races with the latest baby worries or to-do list, or you’re so off of your normal sleep cycle your body doesn’t know how to shut down.

Our team of experienced, dedicated night nannies want the parents we serve to be able to wake up rested and ready to take on the day ahead. We believe in the long-term benefits of everyone in the family getting quality, ample sleep and forming healthy sleep habits from an early age. When we work with families, a lot of time is spent coaching the parents on reading baby’s sleepy cues, establishing nighttime and daytime routines, and sharing proven techniques to get baby to fall into a deep sleep on their own. But a lot of the advice transfers to parents as well.

With 10 years of experience helping hundreds of parents, we’ve gathered a few helpful tips for coaching new parents on how to take advantage of our team’s overnight care to get quality sleep while their little ones are in our caring hands.

White Noise
This isn’t just for your nursery! Whether you buy yourself your own noise machine or use an app on your phone (tip: we recommend keeping devices away from your bed), white noise will help reduce your responses to baby’s every squeak and squeal that our team will monitor for you.

A Cool, Dark Room
While this is also a recommendation for baby’s room, we highly encourage parents sleep in their own separate room. And we even love a good sleep mask and room-darkening shades to really block out the light.

Establish Your Own Sleep Routine
Take a warm bath or shower, read a book, journal, and get your mind and body ready for rest. Phones and screens shouldn’t be a part of it. That goes for the baby monitor screen too – our team of nannies will be there to respond to baby’s cries.

Limit Caffeine
The afternoon slump is REAL. But get that last cup in before 3pm. After that, coffee or caffeinated tea can disrupt your ability to fall asleep at night.

Take Turns
What about nights when our night nannies aren’t there to help? Work with your partner to take shifts so you can tell your mind and body it’s your time to shut down for a bit.

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