Extra Helping Hands: Caring for Twins & Multiples 

Welcoming a singleton baby into the world can feel overwhelming enough, but twins or even triplets? That can be downright daunting. Indy Night Nanny was founded to help parents sleep and families thrive, whether that family has one infant or multiples. We love loving on the babies we care for, so when we get a call to care for more than one, we consider ourselves extra lucky. While our training, certifications, and expertise position us well to care for one, two or three infants, there are a few things that set the Indy Night Nanny team apart from other caregivers when it comes to caring for multiples.

We’ve done it before. A lot.
You may find it fun to know that just before founding Indy Night Nanny, owner Zaneta cared for multiple families of twins. Her nannying expertise was born out of caring for two babies at once. She witnessed firsthand how intentional efforts to promote sleep and routines led to happier family outcomes and watched it work repeatedly across several families. She launched Indy Night Nanny to share that expertise with even more families. Since its inception in 2012, INN has helped more than 150 families, many of those with twins and multiples.

We care for NICU graduates and premature babies.
It’s a tough reality that more than half of twins are born prematurely, and some may need extra care and attention in the NICU. Both of these things can add to parents’ stress and lack of sleep. No matter how or when babies may start their journey in this world, our team of expert night nannies are here to help with an extra set of hands and relief once you’re all home to get a little more much-needed sleep. We have cared for babies with NG tubes and G tubes as well as those on medications.

We’re trained to help you get on a feeding and sleep routine.
What works for one baby doesn’t always work for two or three, but we have time-tested methods to help get your babies sleeping and feeding on predictable schedules. The more they’re synced, the more rest for the parents! We fully support breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or a combination of both, and we work with each individual client to do what’s best for them. But either way, an extra set of hands to wash and prep bottles, sterilize pump parts, and soothe baby back to sleep means more sleep for mom and dad.

If you’re expecting multiples or know a loved one who is, whatever the need may be, we’re here to offer hands-on and emotional support. We can minimize the chaos that comes with double or triple the diaper changes, swaddles, baths, and more. We’ll share our tips and tricks and simply add to your capacity by being by your side through it all. Or, we’ll do it for you during the night while you get some much-needed rest.

We also encourage our clients to seek out the support of incredible groups like Northside Twins & Multiples and Twiniversity.com.

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