Design your nursery with style AND functionality

Soon after many couples find out there is a baby on the way, preparations start for designing the perfect nursery. If you love home decorating and all things shopping it can be tons of fun (especially with a large budget). If you aren’t, it can seem very overwhelming. Either way, we encourage families to consider functionality as much as looks, as a nursery should serve the purpose of a peaceful, sleep-inducing space for your child.

Here are a few key elements to consider while you’re also busy picking paint colors and bedding:

The nursery is where your baby will often be fed, soothed, and sleep the majority of the time. It often isn’t where children play, especially in the first year. Bright spaces, bold colors, mobiles, lights and music, toys, and other distractions aren’t necessary and detract from sleep. Natural light is always good, but have a way to block it out especially during the summer. Colors and patterns are fun but a room as bright as the sun or as bold as a rainbow can be overwhelming to a newborn.

Have fun and enjoy the process of putting your perfect space together. It will be a relaxing and inviting space that you will cherish time spent with your baby!

Our loving team of experts is here to nurture quality sleep for you and your baby. Contact us to get on a path to better sleep.