There’s a balance we all seek to achieve when giving gifts to new or expecting parents between needs and wants and the adorable ‘extras’ that no baby really needs but the sheer cuteness of them make us gush with oohs and ahhs. If you’re looking for holiday gift ideas that will truly be helpful to parents but slightly more fun than gifting diapers or formula, we’ve rounded up our top favorites for you.

HoMedics SoundSpa Portable Sound Machine
We love a great white noise machine for creating a quality sleep environment for babies.

Dreamland Baby Weighted Sleep Swaddle
Featured on Shark Tank, this beloved swaddle is designed to help baby feel calm, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. Basically every parent’s dream.

Happiest Baby Sleepea® 5-Second Swaddle
Our favorite organic cotton go-to swaddle makes it easy to prevent startling and promote quality sleep for your baby, all while boasting an International Hip Dysplasia Institute seal of approval.

This is our favorite transitional sleep sack to help baby adapt to sleep outside the swaddle. It offers slight resistance and a similar feeling to being swaddled but full range of movement.

Merlin Magic Sleep Suit
As another favorite swaddle transition sleep sack of ours, this patented design was developed by a mom of four and pediatric physical therapist.

Blackout Curtain Panels
Style and functionality combine in a nursery when you add room-darkening curtains in a calming color or print that matches the room’s decor. These are essential for helping baby fall asleep during naptime and bedtime when the sun’s still out.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child Book
We love Dr. Marc Weissbluth’s approach to encouraging healthy sleep habits from the beginning and following baby’s natural rhythms.

The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep Books
Beloved pediatrician Harvey Karp, M.D., shares simple solutions to promote healthy and quality sleep habits.

BabyWise Book
Even 30 years later, Dr. Robert Bucknam, M.D. and co-author Gary Ezzo’s guide to sleep and feeding patterns is still helping parents.

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems Book
Richard Ferber, M.D., addresses issues from napping to night terrors to help parents help their children get the sleep they need to be at their best during the day.

MAM Glow-in-the-Dark Pacifiers
Say goodbye to fumbling around in the dark looking for the pacifier, and hello to finding them in the dark with ease. Plus, we love how compatible this pacifier is with breastfeeding.

Calmoseptine Diaper Ointment
This cost-effective multipurpose moisture barrier has been alleviating diaper rash for more than 80 years and is made in the USA.

Indy Night Nanny Gift Card
Our team of experts is here to help your loved ones get the rest they need, to be the best parents they can be. Gift them nights of care, and they’ll forever thank you.

Happy gifting this holiday season!

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