Returning to work after childbirth: Indy Night Nanny’s best tips + tricks

Returning to work after having a child, whether it’s your first or third, can be difficult for both the caretaker and baby. There are many adjustments needed from sleep routines to the morning rush. We work alongside families to get on a path to restful nights for successful days, whatever that looks like for you. The Indy Night Nanny team has curated the best tips + tricks for helping your family get back to work, well-rested with a positive mindset.

How to create a successful morning routine

1. Preparation

Preparation is key in many aspects of life, but especially as you prepare to head back to work post-baby. Set out your outfit + baby’s outfit before going to sleep. Also prepare the diaper bag with any necessary items for daycare, including bottles, snacks and meals. Set those items near the door so you can “grab + go.” Remember to continue prioritizing your own health by meal-prepping easy breakfasts.

2. Consistency

Babies crave routine. Even on days where nothing seems to be following the schedule, remember to fall back on your preparation.

3. Flexibility

You may be thinking, “flexibility does not go along with consistency,” but babies never seem to follow the same schedule two days in a row, so this is where we fall back on step 1. Be prepared to flex as your baby changes through each new stage. You’re both learning this new life together!

Communication with childcare providers

Handing off your child to someone else to care for during the day while you’re at work can be challenging. It’s your baby, afterall! Communication is key. Indy Night Nanny established a tried-and-true communications process for all families. We recommend following a similar process for finding any daytime care.

It starts with the initial conversation. From the moment you find out you are expecting to a few weeks before your return to work, meet with childcare providers to discuss how to make the transition back to work as a growing family easier. These conversations should include research, reference checks and tours.

Next, develop a plan for care by establishing a relationship with the caregiver of your choice. Be sure to discuss your individual needs, expectations and situation as you develop this plan. A relationship that is already established will also open the lines of communication upon your return to work.

Finally, in honor of Queen Elizabeth, “Keep Calm & Carry On.” There will be unexpected bumps as you navigate your return to work and a new lifestyle. Take each day as a new opportunity to learn about baby and yourself. Remain confident that you are the best caretaker for your baby.

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