It can feel like there is a steep learning curve to adjusting to life as a new mom, no matter how prepared you felt before your little one arrived. Your time is now monopolized by prioritizing the well-being of someone else, but as we celebrate moms this month (and every day!) our team compiled some of our favorite self-care tips for new moms.


It seems so simple…but how many times do you climb in bed just too tired to take those last few minutes of effort after finally getting your little one off to sleep?! Our experienced team of night nannies (many also happen to be moms!) suggest washing your face as soon as baby drifts off to sleep. Those few moments of zen in the evenings with a fresh face + moisturizer can seem almost spa-like with your favorite products. In the mornings, even five minutes to yourself before baby wakes can jump-start your day and help you feel more awake.


We always encourage baby to get fresh air because exposure to afternoon light can help lead to better sleep in the evenings, but it can benefit you, too! Soaking in some natural light can also help reset your circadian rhythm as you adjust to your new schedule with baby. Sunlight and a short walk also have been proven methods to help combat symptoms of depression and anxiety.


Help from your partner, friend or family member for a few hours each week can allow you more time to dedicate toward self-care. The help can come in multiple forms. If laundry is piling up or your sink is overflowing with dishes, ask for help with some chores around the house while you soak in time with baby. Or if self-care looks more like getting out of the house for a coffee run and some errands, ask for assistance watching baby for a few hours.

As always, that help can also come in the form of a full night’s rest. Indy Night Nanny prides itself on helping parents and baby both rest easy. You can learn more about our team + our services here.

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