‘Tis the season…virus season! It’s certainly not something to look forward to, but getting sick this time of year seems nearly inevitable. Our Indy Night Nanny team is here to help you prepare + get through the hard parts. 

There are many viruses and bacteria floating around throughout the fall + winter, one of the most serious infections is Respiratory Syncytial Virus, better known as RSV. Infants are especially susceptible to serious infections from RSV.  There’s a few things you should know about RSV as we head into peak virus season.

  • RSV is highly contagious for three to eight days. Some people with weakened immune systems can be contagious for as long as four weeks
  • It is spread through droplets in sneezes and coughs. Infection can also result from direct contact.
  • Watch for signs of difficulty breathing including stridor. Infants and young children may use extra muscles to breathe. You will notice retraction of the skin around their rib cage or neck muscles moving along with belly and rib cage expansion in an effort to get more air.

Although RSV seems scary, healthy infants infected with RSV usually recover on their own within a week or two. This time can still be difficult for caretakers. It’s never easy seeing your baby sick! Our team suggests placing a humidifier near baby’s crib with “breathe easy” essential oils to help baby. Just before bed, you can even run a hot shower and unwind with baby in the bathroom (not in the hot shower as hot water will burn baby’s skin!) If baby has developed a lot of mucus or congestion with an infection, feeding can become difficult. Try saline spray and nose suction just before feeds to help baby breathe easier. If you become concerned about your baby’s breathing or demeanor, always check in with your doctor or other medical professionals.

Don’t forget lots of hand washing and snuggles, too! 


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Follow along with us @indynightnanny.