At Indy Night Nanny, our team strives to provide restful nights for you and your baby
throughout our time together. But what happens when you “graduate” from our
services? No need to stress! INN talks you through best practices during the day and
then helps watch your babies at night. 

We suggest starting your journey with Indy Night Nanny as early as your return
home from the hospital through the time your little one is about six weeks of age,
and for optimal results, we recommend you utilize our services until your baby is
about 12 weeks old or beyond. This helps our team to establish healthy habits and
routines. By about 12 weeks old, most babies are well on their way to sleeping
through the night on their own. During those early weeks, our experienced,
knowledgeable nannies work to establish a rhythm and routine that you and your
baby can depend on once our service comes to an end.

Throughout the process, our team of experts equip and educate parents on healthy
sleep habits, establishing consistent routines, and how to follow baby’s natural
rhythms and cues to promote better sleep for all. Sahand, who used our services for
12 weeks with his first daughter, gave our Indy Night Nanny team a glowing review.

“With my wife and I having our first baby and no family around for either of us, we
knew we needed help,” said Sahand. “Indy Night Nanny came to the rescue! Zaneta
and the Indy Night Nanny team not only gave us relief and sleep but also taught us
tips and tricks to soothe our daughter so that we could feel more confident taking
care of her ourselves. Indy Night Nanny taught us ways to soothe our daughter as
she grew. We actually grew close with our nannies and consider them friends!”

We are proud to say Sahand will again be using Indy Night Nanny for another child
this summer. Congrats, Sahand!

If you are ready to help get your family on the path to restful nights, contact us here
to set up a consultation and learn more about our process.



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