When To Start The Night Nanny Search

Preparing to welcome your baby into this world can create quite the to-do list. Some of the prep work is riddled with cuteness, like nursery decor (see our tips here), and some of it is overwhelming, like choosing the right carseat and stroller system. And then, some of it has to happen earlier than anyone anticipates, like arranging childcare.

Nannies are in demand right now and daycares have waitlists, thanks to factors exacerbated by the pandemic. Starting the search early on in pregnancy can help your chances of having care when you need it. The same goes for night nannies. The Indy Night Nanny team has grown significantly over the past year, and we’re thankful to all of the families who trust us to care for their precious babies. But unfortunately, even with more professional night nannies on staff, there’s still unmet demand for last minute requests for help.

So, when is the best time to reach out to Indy Night Nanny? If you are even considering hiring our skilled and loving team of experts to help you and your family get the rest you need, we recommend contacting us by your second trimester. That gives us ample time to meet you, understand your needs and expectations, and schedule the perfect night nanny team member for your family.

Of course, we understand things change – babies arrive early, some need a little extra care in the NICU before coming home, plans for family members to help postpartum fall through, or a return to work is tougher than expected. We get it. And we want to support you! We’ll do the best we can to accommodate families’ needs as they arise, but any time we can have advanced notice is helpful for everyone involved.


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