For many new parents, fall marks the beginning of more time spent indoors and struggles to find new activities. That’s why we asked our night nannies to help us compile a list of their favorite indoor activities to help you get through these next few months.

Many of our nannies are moms themselves and our team has decades of combined experience in helping babies get on the path to a restful night’s sleep to prepare for engaged daytime activities.


Nature in a bag

Bundle up + head outside! Collect leaves and explain to baby what you’re seeing as you go along. What colors do you see? What sound do the leaves make as you walk along the path? What does the wind feel like on your face? These types of conversations help baby understand the world around them. Once you return home, place the leaves in a Ziploc bag, tape it to the floor, and let baby explore the sights and sounds of fall. You can also add dried corn or pompoms to the bag to introduce baby to other sensory objects.


Just add water 

As our friends at Indy Nanny Concierge like to say, “just add water!” Add glowsticks, plastic pumpkins and fall colored pompoms to add a spin on bathtime fun. Having a slow day? Take a bath in the morning to help pass the time.

Sensory Fort

With a sensory fort, you can engage kids of all ages–from your newborn to your big kids! First, create a cozy fort filled with blankets and pillows. Then, fill it with several sensory activities: string lights that you can turn on and off or twinkle, grab other items from around the house like some of your own cozy scarves, foil, and wooden spoons, sensory balls, and even some of the sensory bags mentioned above. 


When all else fails, pack up the kids and head to the library or closest museum. Many libraries have designated children’s areas, story time, and other activities to help you get through these colder months.


Follow along with us @indynightnanny. 

Follow along with us @indynightnanny.