You just settled into a solid routine with your baby, and now it’s time to turn back the clock. YIKES! New challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming with a new baby, but Indy Night Nanny is here to help. Our team of expert nannies has a few tips to keep your night (and days!) a little easier during this transition.

1. Get Outside

Not only is fresh air good for the soul, but natural light can help reset both you and your baby’s circadian rhythm. Afternoon time outside between noon and 4pm can also better your baby’s chances of sleeping well at night. What to Expect also suggests opening the shades in your baby’s room and turning on the lights to help signal to the baby it’s time to start the day.

2. Keep a routine

At Indy Night Nanny, we pride ourselves on helping families establish healthy sleep habits for both the caregiver and baby. During this “fall back” transition don’t let your routine fall back, too. Stay consistent by following the same tried-and-true tips for creating a bedtime and naptime routine. You can freshen up on bedtime routine tips from Indy Night Nanny here.

3. Stay on time

We know what you’re thinking…you’ve rarely been on time since your baby was born! But following the clock during this transition is key. TakingCaraBabies suggests even adjusting sleep times in increments leading up to the time change. Protect your baby’s afternoon nap leading up to and right after the time change. Having your baby nap at home in their sleep environment (instead of on the go or in the living room) for a quality last afternoon nap will help the new bedtime feel more manageable.

Try these three tips to ease the transition of time change, but also remember to be easy on yourself and baby through the adjustment. It may take time, no pun intended.

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