Indy Night Nanny specializes in bringing quality sleep to you and your baby. That quality sleep extends far beyond the routines we help establish at night. Our team of expert nannies can also help establish a healthy daytime routine, and walk you through the stages of helping your baby thrive and grow–including dropping naps!

How to identify your baby is ready to drop a nap

It can be difficult to identify cues from your baby telling you they are ready to drop a nap, but here are a few key signs:

  • Your baby is fighting bedtime routine.
  • Consistent early morning wake-ups.
  • Naps suddenly become shorter.

How to help your baby extend wake windows

Key developmental milestones, including age, can signal that your little one is ready to drop a nap. Our expert nannies curated a few ideas to help you extend baby’s wake windows when it is time to drop a nap.

  • Get outside: Fresh air can bring new experiences and brighten everyone’s day in more than one way!
  • Introduce a new activity: Just as you should rotate a baby’s toys, you should introduce new activities. We love this play kit from Love Every with developmentally appropriate activities.
  • Extend wake time gradually: Increase baby’s time awake by 10-15 minutes every few days, helping them gradually adjust to their new routine.
  • Let your baby get naked! Use a waterproof pad or a thick towel and let your baby kick and squirm without any clothes or a diaper for a change of pace. Naked playtime is loved most in front of a space heater if it’s cool or fan if it’s hot. It can be a great distraction especially during the evening hours when bedtime cannot come soon enough.


Throughout each stage, Indy Night Nanny suggests flexibility and patience as both you and your baby constantly learn new routines. Have questions? Get in touch with our team, and let us help you get on the path to restful nights and peaceful days. 


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