At Indy Night Nanny, we believe every family deserves a restful night’s sleep. Our knowledgeable nannies help get your baby on the path to sleeping through the night, leading to healthier outcomes for you and your baby. A night nanny can also help parents feel more prepared to tackle the day, whatever that may look like, whether you are returning to work, caring for other children, or recovering from birth.

1. Parents of multiples

The team at Indy Night Nanny has extensive experience caring for twins and even triplets! We can work in tandem with a parent or care overnight for multiples to take care of them independently.

2. Parents struggling with routine

Developing a routine for a newborn can be difficult as growth spurts, milestones, and other disruptions come and go. Our team is expertly trained in sleep development to help your baby settle into a routine, even when there are bumps in the road.

3. Parents craving restful night’s sleep

Many parents crave a restful night’s sleep from the moment they return from the hospital or need a full night’s rest as they head back to work. Whatever the reason, Indy Night Nanny works to understand your circumstances during the initial consultation. We find care the most successful when it begins as soon as you turn from the hospital, and recommend care through at least six weeks of age, and suggest continuing through 12 weeks (and beyond if needed) to establish healthy habits and routines.

Some parents may lean on family and close friends to get through the early stages of potentially sleepless nights, but if your family lives too far away or can only help for a short period of time, our nannies can soon become like family to you, too.

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