You (and your baby!) will spend a lot of time in the nursery in the coming months and years…so how can you set it up best for the both of you? Our team of expert night nannies curated a list of tools and ideas for efficiency and comfort.

Hatch Sound Machine

We love this two-in-one tool for your nursery. The Hatch Sound Machine doubles as a night light and sound machine. You can simply tap the night light for a late night diaper change or feeding, or you can choose from 11 different sounds to help soothe your baby to sleep. This great tool can also grow with your family as your baby grows into a toddler, you can use the “time to rise” feature.

Rocker with built-in phone charger

Your baby just drifted off to sleep, and now you’re “nap trapped” or you’re just soaking up those sweet moments with them in your arms, but your phone is in “low power mode.” With this rocker, you won’t have to worry. Not only are you comfortable, but you also have a built-in charging station.

Organizational system

Soak up those sweet moments in your comfy rocker, because the baby is growing by what seems like the minute! The Simple Life Indy suggests creating zones for all those baby items for current use as well as future sizes and seasons. Whether you incorporate a closet system or you decide to utilize your changing table and dresser for most of baby’s clothes and accessories, creating labeled and divided zones for all categories and sizes will help ensure everything has a home, gets put back in its place and will get worn or used. “Our biggest recommendation for nurseries is to have a small bin or basket labeled for clothes that are too small,” said The Simple Life Founder, Rachel Whiteaker. “This way, when baby has outgrown something, you have somewhere to quickly put it without making a pile or throwing it back in the drawer or closet to deal with another day.”

A well-stocked changing station

Don’t get stuck with an empty wipe container! Stock your diaper changing station with all the essentials including the current diaper size and a size up for nighttime and calmoseptine for those pesky diaper rashes that pop up, and plenty of water wipes.

Indy Night Nanny Gift Card

Our team of experts is here to help your loved ones get the rest they need, to be the best parents they can be. Gift them nights of care, and they’ll forever thank you.

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